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The summer break is a unique time of year, an opportunity to disconnect from the daily information deluge and reflect on the laundry list of concerns that seem at least as long as in previous years.

There’s Bitcoin; the overheated/depressed housing market, depending on whom you read; Amazon supposedly ringing retail’s death knell; low wages growth; and the future direction of interest rates.

Trying to think more long term (hopefully from a couch mid-way through the afternoon session of the cricket), I’m confident these concerns are overdone and that our business and your investments with us remain in an excellent position.

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‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it’. So said Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana.

This saying has not been lost on the Australian real estate investment trust managers. The sector, much to the relief of income-focused investors, has learnt much from the mistakes that hurt so many investors during the global financial crisis (GFC) a decade ago.

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ESG investing is a form of ethical or socially responsible investing. Based on an assessment of environmental, social and governance factors, the ESG process measures the sustainability and ethical impact of a company or product.

This was once a niche but is now growing rapidly. According to the 2006 Cone Millennial Cause Study, the millennial generation is more likely to trust a company or purchase its products when it’s considered socially or environmentally responsible.

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