Reporting season wrap: Challenging environment, impressive results | The top 5 questions financial advisers are asking right now and much more...
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The most recent chance to peek under the bonnet of the Australian Real Estate Investment Trust or Listed Property (AREIT) sector was most welcome, arriving after an eventful 12 months. US voters elected a surprise new leader, US interest rates were increased for the first time since the global financial crisis and, more recently, political tensions in North Korea have grabbed the headlines.

None of the uncertainty provoked by these events was evident in the results. The sector remains primed to deliver the defensive and sustainable income returns on which investors have come to rely.

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Understandably, financial advisers have been peppering us with questions right now. The mainstream media can’t stop writing about how Amazon will kill retailing and, over the past 12 months, the commercial property sector has returned negative 6%1.

We welcome the cross-examination. A critical and enquiring mind is essential to outperforming fund managers as much as it is to financial advisers helping clients to meet their wealth goals. Here then are the top five questions that we’re getting right now.

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What can one make of the recent ASX study1 that revealed 75% of investors hold only ASX-listed shares? Personally, I found it shocking. Sensible diversification is perhaps the golden rule in investing and three out of four Australian investors are breaking it.

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APN Property Group (ASX:APD) was pleased to announce full year results for 2017 including: 

  • Funds under management (FUM) of $2.6 billion
  • Completing 5 years of 18% p.a. growth
  • FY2017 operating Earnings Per Share (EPS) up 90% for the year

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Industria REIT (IDR) was pleased to report FY2017 results including: 

  • 23.6% net tangible assets (NTA) growth
  • 3.4% funds from operations (FFO) growth
  • 7.6 year weighted average lease expiry (WALE)

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