Property trust outlook and the rewards of patience | The curious disconnect between listed property and bricks and mortar and much more..
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Investing for long term, secure, lower risk income requires patience and a focus on the long term fundamentals that drive income and risk.

Short term under-performance shouldn’t be a concern if the factors driving long term performance remain strong. And they do.

Despite the scary headlines about Amazon’s arrival in Australia and purported structural shifts in retail and office property, commercial property investors have much to be thankful for. In this article we review each of the factors that will impact long term returns.

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Potential investors in Australian property trusts shouldn't just look at the price of their investment holdings in isolation. The underlying value of the assets and the prospect of strong rental growth underpinning their investment is equally important, perhaps even more so, especially for income focused investors. This raises an interesting dichotomy. Whilst the S&P/AREIT 200 Accumulation Index was down 6.3% in the financial year to 30 June 2017, high quality commercial property prices in retail, office and industrial sectors are close to or have breached historical highs.

If an asset’s value is a function of the income stream it delivers, you’d think the two would line up. And yet for the past year at least, they don’t. Why?

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This month APN is proud to announce the launch of a new listed REIT. Convenience Retail REIT wholly owns a portfolio of 66 service station and convenience retail assets located across Australia with a skew towards the eastern seaboard, independently valued at $308 million. The portfolio is leased to high-quality tenants on attractive, long-term leases.

The objective of the REIT is to provide investors with sustainable and stable income and the potential for both income and capital growth through annual rental increases.

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It can be difficult saying goodbye to things you really don’t want to part with. But that’s the situation APN’s analytical team found themselves in recently, saying ‘farewell’ to Generation Healthcare REIT (GHC) which was recently acquired by Canadian healthcare specialist Northwest.

It’s an instructive story, one that shows the value of buying assets at attractive prices and moving them on at the right time, even if the parting is difficult.

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