Property trusts: What could go wrong? (Part 1) | The hidden benefits of tax deferred income and much more...
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Over the past few years just about everything has gone right in the AREIT sector, which is why advisers are now fielding questions from clients on what might go wrong. 

Delivering a five-part article series over the next few weeks, our funds management team are going to share with you some of our risk analysis so that you’re informed of the threats and have a strategy to deal with them, regardless of whether they happen or not. 

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Most property trust investors are unaware of tax deferred income, and with a name like that you can understand why.

But this unique benefit has the potential to increase your after tax returns. Let’s see how.

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Industria REIT’s portfolio comprises of 21 office and industrial properties located across the major Eastern Australian cities valued at over $552 million.

These properties are delivering on the objectives of the Fund: to provide sustainable income and capital growth prospects for securityholders over the long term, which is consistent with APN’s “property for income” philosophy.

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